About Us

Clearview Legal and Investigative Services is a licensed private investigation firm serving the greater Seattle area. We pride ourselves in providing our customers accurate and expedient information. Our specialties include serving process, helping landlords root out homesharing (AirBnB), location and skip tracing services, public records searches (including background checks), and surveillance.

Finding the information you need can often feel like wandering through a maze. Without knowing where to start or what to look out for, individuals often find themselves struggling to obtain’ details they need. Whether you’re looking for a lost friend, a party to a lawsuit, stolen property, tenants violating their lease terms, criminal histories, or spousal infidelity, the task can seem daunting without the know-how and experience required– and not having the information you need can quickly become a major obstacle to the outcome you desire. That’s where we come in.

With years of experience in these fields, Clearview will clear the way for you to get what you need as quickly as you need it. Don’t waste any more time wondering “what if,” searching online to no avail, or waiting for a day off to get down to business. Our licensed professionals will do everything possible to get what you want, guaranteed.

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