Skip Trace

Trying to find someone?

We specialize in tracking down difficult defendantsFinding people is hard work, and we can help. Clearview specializes in locating people (skip tracing) with limited information. Have court papers to serve? Trying to collect a debt? Looking to reconnect with a lost friend or family member? Let us do the digging for you.

Standard skip tracing starts at $75. This includes online database searches and cross referencing. The more information you can provide (name, license plate number, phone number, last known address, etc), the faster we can get updated information for you. Even with very little information, we are sometimes able to locate hard-to-find individuals, so don’t hesitate to call.

With harder to find individuals, we can do more in-depth research– checking court records, verifying addresses in person, checking phone databases, and more. We are able to use information obtained from online research to target other areas, narrow the search field, and uncover valuable clues to a person’s location

Once we’ve obtained the subject’s updated information through a skip trace, we can provide additional services including but not limited to surveillance, process service, asset confirmation, and witness interviews.


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