Vehicle/License Plate Lookup

Need to know who owns that car?

We can look up vehicle registration information using only a license plate

Watching TV and movies, we often see people being tracked down with nothing but a license plate. The good guy gets the number, punches the plate into his database, and gets all the information he needs. In real life, it isn’t so simple, and vehicle registration information isn’t so easy to come by.

There are all kinds of reason you might need to know who owns a car. Hit and run accidents, property damage, unwanted harassment, and all other kinds of crimes often leave the victim with nothing but a license plate to identify the perpetrator. Unfortunately, the police are often not diligent in following up on reports, and almost never give out license plate information to the public. The DMV will not give out registration information, either. So how can you recover your losses? That’s where we come in.

At Clearview, our licensed private investigators have access to databases not open to the public. With only a plate, we can retrieve updated records on the current registered owner of a vehicle, their address, contact information, and more. We can help you track down the party responsible for harming you so you can take action without having to wait on cops who won’t take your case seriously.

Vehicle license plate and registration searches starting at $75.

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